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(CBS, 11/9/1973, 150 mins). A sentimental film based on an actual case history of a cancer victim, taken from a tape-recorded diary, involving a young dropout living in the wilderness with her boyfriend, who is a struggling musician, and her baby daughter. Subsequently, a “Sunshine” series in 1975 starred Cliff DeYoung, Elizabeth Cheshire and Meg Foster, to be followed by a second film, “Sunshine Christmas” (1977). Both, in an infrequent occurrence, were on NBC, while the original film premiered on CBS.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Joseph Sargent. Producer George Eckstein. Teleplay Carol Sobieski. Based on the journals of Jacquelyn Helton. Photography Bill Butler. Music John Denver. Editor Budd Small, Richard M Sprague. Art Director George C. Webb.

Cast Brenda Vaccaro (Dr. Carol Gilman), Cristina Raines (Kate Hayden), Cliff DeYoung (Sam Hayden), Meg Foster (Nora), Bill Mumy (Weaver), Lindsay Green Bush (Jill Hayden), Alan Fudge (David), Corey Fischer (Corey Givits), Robin Bush (Jill at 2½ years), James Hong (Dr. Wilde), Noble Willingham (Bartender), Adrian Ricard (Nurse), Bill Stout (Interviewer).

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over 6 years ago

Love this film so much when is it going to be on tv again, I still have the sound track