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Survival of Dana

honfi sue melissa blake

(CBS, 5/29/1979, 120 mins). A pretty high school girl (Melissa Sue Anderson) moves to a new town and falls in with the wrong crowd in this contemporary drama of teenage values in an affluent society.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producers Roger Gimbel, Tony Converse. Producer Marc Trabulus. Teleplay Frank Norwood, Tom Lazarus. Based on a Story by Frank Norwood. Photography Bruce Logan. Music Craig Safan. Editor Joy Wilson. Art Director Peter M. Wooley.

Cast Melissa Sue Anderson (Dana Lee), Robert Carradine (Donny Davis), Marion Ross (Madeline Lee), Talia Balsam (Rona Sims), Michael Pataki (Arnold Denker), Kevin Breslin (Roy ‘Skates’ Snider), Judge Reinhold (Francis ‘Bear’ Honfi), Dan Spector (Anthony Cavachi), Barbara Babcock (Lorna Sims), Shelby Leverington (Mrs. Blake), Dawn Jeffory (Joanie), Trent Dolan (Coach Tanner), Scott McGinnis (Paul), Gary Cervantes (Big), Paul Hampton (Bill Snider), Ellen Blake (Mrs. Honfi), Howard Vann (Mr. Honfi), Joshua Gallegos (Little Big), Edith Fields (Mrs. Davis), June Whitley Taylor (Principal), Laura Fanning (Clerk), Jennifer Starrett (Lynn).

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