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(CBS, 3/21/1975, 90 mins). An ex-con and a retired cop, partners in an investigation agency, try to prove that a safecracker with a previous record is innocent of a diamond heist and pin the crime on the police by laying an intricate trap. Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert and Sharon Gless went on to repeat their roles in the later series (1975-77).

Production Companies Glen Larson Productions, Universal Television. Director Robert Day. Producer Glen A. Larson. Teleplay Glen A. Larson. Photography Ben Colman, John M. Stephens. Music Stu Phillips. Editors Budd Small, Frank Morriss. Art Director George Renne.

Cast Robert Wagner (Pete Ryan), Eddie Albert (Frank MacBride), Charles Durning (Phil Beckman), Sharon Gless (Maggie), Ken Swofford (Captain Griffin), Charlie Callas (Malcolm), Alan Manson (Murray Franklin), Jaclyn Smith (Alice), Greg Mullavey (Chuck Powell), Anne Schedeen (Lisa), Marc Lawrence (Franks), Robert Sampson (Slaughter), Roger E. Mosley (Walter), Val Bisoglio (Curry), Ken Lynch (Stoker), Joshua Shelley (Man in shooting gallery).

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