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Tail Gunner Joe

sen john joseph charles

(NBC, 2/6/1977, 120 mins). An ambitious production of questionable accuracy spanning the rise and fall of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy as uncovered by a fictional veteran newsman and the ambitious young lady investigative reporter assigned to assist him. Emmy Awards went to Burgess Meredith for his portrayal of Joseph Welch and to Lane Slate for his original teleplay. Also nominated were Peter Boyle (as McCarthy), Patricia Neal (as Sen. Margaret Chase Smith), director Jud Taylor and cinematographer Ric Waite.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Jud Taylor. Producer George Eckstein. Teleplay Lane Slate. Photography Ric Waite. Music Billy May. Editor Bernard J. Small. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull. Associate Producer Norman Chandler Fox.

Cast Peter Boyle (Joseph McCarthy), John Forsythe (Paul Cunningham), Heather Menzies (Logan), Burgess Meredith (Joseph Welch), Patricia Neal (Sen. Margaret Chase Smith), Jean Stapleton (Mrs. DeCamp), Tim O’Connor (Librarian), Philip Abbott (Sen Scott Lucas), Wesley Addy (Middleton), Ned Beatty (Sylvester), Karen Carlson (Jean Kerr), John Carradine (Wisconsin Farmer), Charles Cioffi (Logan’s Boss), Diana Douglas (Sarah), Andrew Duggan (Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower), Henry Jones (Armitage), Murray Matheson (Publisher), Andrew Prine (Farmer), John Randolph (General Larkin), William Schallert (General Zwicker), Robert F. Simon (Drew Pearson), Robert Symonds (Pres. Harry Truman), Lin McCarthy (Sen. Stuart Symington), John Anderson (Gen. George Marshall), Alan Hewitt (Dean Acheson), George Wyner (Roy Cohn), Sam Chew Jr. (Robert F. Kennedy), Herbert Voland (Sen. Raymond Baldwin), Richard M. Dixon (Sen. Richard M Nixon), Kelly Jean Peters (Mrs. Gates), Charles Siebert (James Juliana), John Chappell (Sen. Karl Mundt), Edward Anhalt (Sen. Herbert Lehman), Howard Hesseman (Lieutenant Cantwell), Charles Macaulay (William Roberts), Wallace Rooney (Speaker), Morgan Upton (Clucas), Shirley O’Hara (Marie), Dallas Mitchell (Reporter), James O’Connell (Navy doctor), Devra Korwin (Divorced wife), George O. Petrie (Charles Kraus), Jack Bannon (Eisenhower aide), Allan Miller, Addison Powell, Alan Oppenheimer, Allan Rich, Simon Scott, Bill Quinn.

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