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Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

john alan mary producer

(CBS, 12/28/1977, 120 mins). The crash of a cargo plane unleashes a horde of deadly tarantulas and allows them to move unchecked through a Southwestern town.

Production Company Alan Landsburg Productions. Director Stuart R. Hagmann. Executive Producer Alan Landsburg. Producer Paul Freeman. Teleplay Guerdon Trueblood, John Groves. Photography Robert L. Morrison. Music Mundell Lowe. Editor Corky Ehlers. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Claude Akins (Bert Springer), Charles Frank (Joe Harmon), Deborah Winters (Cindy Beck), Sandy McPeak (Chief Beasley), Bert Remsen (Mayor Douglas), Pat Hingle (Doc Hodgins), Tom Atkins (Buddy), Howard Hesseman (Fred), Charles Siebert (Rich Finley), John Harkins (Sylvan), Noelle North (Honey Lamb), Penelope Windust (Gloria Beasley), Edwin Owens (Frank), Lanny Horn (Harry Weed), Jerome Guardino (H.L. Williams), Matthew Laborteaux (Matthew), Alex Colon (Hector), Jorge Cervera Jr. (Official), Bill Striglos (Ralph), Steve Bonino (Spud), Mary-Nancy Burnett (Teacher), Bill Erwin (Mr. Schneider), Anita Keith (Mary), Iris Korn (Dorothy), John Medici (Driver), Ruben Moreno (Pedro), Joseph Reale (Lineman), Laird Williamson (Smitty).

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