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(ABC, 11/6/1977, 120 mins). Romance, intrigue, and danger and possibly murder are among the behind-the scenes elements surrounding a multimillion dollar fund raising telethon with an all star TV cast assembled against a Las Vegas backdrop.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director David Lowell Rich. Producer Robert Lovenheim. Teleplay Roger Wilton. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Peter Matz. Editors Howard Epstein, Michael Karr. Art Director Bill Kenney.

Cast Polly Bergen (Dorothy Goodwin), Lloyd Bridges (Matt Tallman), Red Buttons (Marty Rand), Edd Byrnes (Charlie Barton), Dick Clark (Irv Berman), Janet Leigh (Elaine Cotton), John Marley (Arnold Shagan), Kent McCord (Tom Galvin), Eve Plumb (Kim), David Selby (Roy Hansen), Jill St. John (Fran Sullivan), Randi Oakes (June), Sheila Sullivan (Lorna), Dave Burton (Himself), Jimmie Walker (Himself), Sugar Ray Robinson (Himself), Deborah Denomme (Jennifer), The Fercos (Themselves), Heather and David (Themselves), Norman Honath (Bus driver), Jean Magowan (Jean), Peter Rich (Norm Fenton), Dawn Rowan (Sue Marie Atkins), Chad Schooley (Bobby), Billy Snyder (Pit boss), Carol Van Dyke (Mrs. Atkins).

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