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The Tenth Month

joe joan producer tewkesbury

(CBS, 9/16/1979, 120 mins). An unmarried, middle-aged woman who finds herself pregnant by an internationally renowned pianist decides to keep and raise her child in this film written especially for Carol Burnett by Joan Tewkesbury (from Laura Z. Hobson’s 1970 novel), who also directed it.

Production Company Joe Hamilton Productions. Director Joan Tewkesbury. Executive Producer Ray Aghayan. Producer Joe Hamilton. Supervising Producer Tom Egan. Teleplay Joan Tewkesbury. Based on the Novel by Laura Z. Hobson. Photography Charles Rosher. Music Peter Matz. Editor David Ramirez. Art Director Peter Michael Jamison. Associate Producer Robert Wright.

Cast Carol Burnett (Dori Gray), Keith Michell (Matthew Poole), Dina Merrill (Cele), Melissa Converse (Ellen Varley), Cristina Raines (Nancy Miller), Richard Venture (Dr. Paul Jessup), Yvonne Wilder (Mrs. Figueroa), Martin Beswick (Joan Poole), Woodrow Parfrey (Tad Jones), Joe Ponazecki (Dick Townsen), Del Hinkley (Mark Donovan), Jossie De Guzman (Iliana), Rex Robbins (Gene Varley), Harriet Medin (Mrs. Cox), Linda Addams (Molly Jamison), Joe Seneca (Doorman), Alberta Vasquez (Rinaldo), William Thompson (Cat judge).

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