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Terror in the Sky

mccann jack arthur karpf

(CBS, 9/17/1971, 120 mins). This TV carbon of Arthur Hailey’s “Airport” has crew and passengers stricken by food poisoning, forcing a washed up helicopter pilot on board to land the plane with the help of a stewardess. Previously it had been the basis for a drama “Flight Into Danger” on TV’s “Alcoa Hour” (1956) and then was made as “Zero Hour,” a 1957 theatrical film with Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Bernard L. Kowalski. Producer Matthew Rapf. Teleplay Elinor Karpf, Stephen Karpf, Dick Nelson. Based on a Novel by Arthur Hailey. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Patrick Williams. Editor Argyle Nelson. Art Director Jack F. DeShields.

Cast Doug McClure (George Spencer), Lois Nettleton (Janet Turner), Roddy McDowall (Dr. Ralph Baird), Leif Erickson (Marty Treleavek), Keenan Wynn (Milton), Kenneth Tobey (Captain Wilson), Sam Melville (Stewart), Patricia Mattick (Ellen), Christopher Dark (McCann), Loretta Leversee (Mrs. McCann), Jack Ging (Controller), Leonard Stone (Harry Burdick).

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