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Terror on the 40th Floor

art montagne pierson foster

(NBC, 9/17/1974, 120 mins). In television’s carbon of “The Towering Inferno,” seven people are trapped in a skyscraper penthouse during an office party, and nobody knows they are there.

Production Companies Montagne Productions, Metromedia Producers Corp. Director Jerry Jameson. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Edward J. Montagne. Teleplay Jack Turley. Based on a Story by Edward J. Montagne, Jack Turley. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Vic Mizzy. Editor Art Seid. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull.

Cast John Forsythe (Daniel Overland), Joseph Campanella (Howard Foster), Lynn Carlin (Lee Parker), Anjanette Comer (Darlene Foster), Laurie Heineman (Ginger Macklin), Don Meredith (Kelly Freeman), Kelly Jean Peters (Betty Carson), Pippa Scott (Thelma Overland), Mark Tapscott (Captain Harris), Norman Alden (Captain Parker), Danny Goldman (Kasey), Hank Brandt (Jim Pierson), Louis Guss (Charley), John Finnegan (Stark), Bob Hastings (Sam Lewis), Tracie Savage (Cathy Pierson), Kevin Nudis (Paul Pierson), Dean Santoro (Harper), Tracy Brooks Swope (Cathy Foster), Tim Herbert (Building manager), Art Lewis (Secretary).

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