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Testimony of Two Men

eaton william director ferrier

(Syndicated, 5/9/1977 to 5/23/1977, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). The initial production in an off network project, Operation Prime Time, started by a group of independent stations pooling their resources for high-quality drama to compete with the networks themselves. This ambitious three-part, six-hour post-Civil War costume saga, based on the 1968 Taylor Caldwell novel, intertwines several stories of lust, power, greed and murder as it tells of “two surgeons’ passion for their work and their women” over a 36-year period. An Emmy Award nomination went to costumer Bill Jobe for his stunning antebellum creations.

Production Company Universal Television. Director (Parts 1 and 3) Leo Penn. Director (Part 2) Larry Yust. Producer Jack Laird. Teleplay (Parts 1 and 3) James M. Miller. Teleplay (Parts 2 and 3) William Hanley. Teleplay (Part 3) Jennifer Miller. Based on the Novel by Taylor Caldwell. Photography (Parts 1 and 3) Isidore Mankovsky. Photography (Part 2) Jim Dickson. Music (Parts 1 and 3) Michel Colombier. Music (Part 2) Gerald Fried. Editor (Part 1) Robert F Shugrue. Editor (Part 2) John Elias. Editor (Part 3) Jim Benson. Art Director (Part 1) William H Tuntke. Art Director (Parts 2 and 3) John E. Chilberg II.

Cast David Birney (Jonathan Ferrier), Barbara Parkins (Marjorie Ferrier/Hilda Eaton), Steve Forrest (Martin Eaton), Ralph Bellamy (Dr. Jim Spaulding), Theodore Bikel (Peter Heger), Tom Bosley (Dr. Louis Hedler [and narrator]), Barry Brown (Howard Best), J.D. Cannon (Kenton Campion), Dan Dailey (Father McGuire), Leonard Frey (David Paxton), David Huffman (Harald Ferrier), Randolph Mantooth (Father Frank McNulty), Ray Milland (Jonas Witherby), Cameron Mitchell (Jeremiah Hadley), Trisha Noble (Edna Beamish), Kathleen Nolan (Myrtle Heger), Margaret O’Brien (Flora Bumpstead Eaton), Laurie Prange (Jenny Heger), William Shatner (Adrian Ferrier), Inga Swenson (Amelia Foster), Joan Van Ark (Jane Robson), Linda Purl (Mavis Eaton), Devon Ericson (Priscilla “Prissy” Madden Witherby), Kario Salem (Francis Campion), Lynn Tufeld (Elizabeth Best), John de Lancie (Jerome Eaton), Robert Foulke (Amos), Herb Vigran (Stationmaster), Joel Parks (Dr. Moe Abrams), Regis J Cordic (Judge), Logan Ramsey (Dr. Emil Schaeffer), Jeff Corey (William Simpson).

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