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richard producer burglar original

(ABC, 10/9/1971, 90 mins). A suave professional burglar wants to break with his criminal past but is forced to pull one last job to make good on a gambling debt. Winner of the 1971 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America as the Best TV Suspense Film, and nominated for an Emmy as Best Written Original Drama of 1971. Original title: “A Day in the Life of a Burglar.”

Production Companies Stonehenge Productions, Metromedia Producers Corp. Director William A. Graham. Executive Producer Dick Berg. Producer Ron Roth. Teleplay John D.F. Black. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Ron Grainer. Editor Jim Benson. Art Director Art Stolnitz.

Cast Richard Crenna (Neal Wilkinson), Angie Dickinson (Jean Melville), Cameron Mitchell (Charles Herrod), Hurd Hatfield (Herman Gray), Robert Webber (James Calendar), Bruce Kirby Sr. (Beefy), Michael Lerner (Jack Cutter), Michael C. Gwynne (Junkie), Mary Gregory (Party hostess), Ed Peck (Swinger), Barbara Perry (Mrs. Risman), Richard Stahl (Bob Rifleman), Jo DeWinter (Matron), Todd Martin, Rick Metzler, Jeannie Moore, Patrick Patterson, Hunter Von Leer, Don Rizzan, Kristen Hoffman.

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