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They Only Come Out at Night

producer john woman martinez

(NBC, 4/29/1975, 90 mins). This pilot for Jack Warden’s “Jigsaw John” series (1975-76) has him playing a dyspeptic middle aged homicide investigator looking into a string of robbery slayings of elderly women in Los Angeles.

Production Company MGM Television. Director Daryl Duke. Executive Producer Everett Chambers. Producer Robert Monroe. Teleplay Al Martinez. Created by Al Martinez. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music The Orphanage. Editor Henry Batista. Associate Producer Richard M. Rosenbloom.

Cast Jack Warden (John St. John), Charles Ynfante (Deputy Tallchief), Madeleine Sherwood (Helen St. John), Joe Mantell (Lieutenant Baylor), Tim O’Connor (Det. Lee Masters), Dick Dinman (David Kanlan), Lili Valenty (Mrs. Eichman), Barbara Luna (Receptionist), King Solomon III (Petulia), Melendy Britt (Mrs. Owens), Constance Pfeiffer (Eichman daughter), Dorothy Dells (Woman pharmacist), Nedra Volt (Elderly woman), Adele Yoshioda (Pharmacy clerk), Francine York (Laura), Victoria Carroll (Nancy), Steve Marlo (Wilshire Station officer), Dan Priest (Watch commander), Daniel Spelling, Frank Baxter, Bob Golden, Dinah Anna Rogers, Dar Robinson.

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