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This Man Stands Alone

tayman sheriff john smith

(NBC, 5/30/1979, 90 mins). This dramatization of the true story of a black civil rights activist who, following Martin Luther King’s assassination, goes home to a small Southern town and runs for sheriff against a popular segregationist, was “inspired” by events in the life of Sheriff Thomas E. Gilmore but was emasculated by severe last-minute editing by the network. The 90 minute movie was originally filmed in 1977 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as a two-hour telefeature under the title “Lawman Without a Gun.”

Production Companies Abby Mann Productions, Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director Jerrold Freedman. Executive Producer Abby Mann. Producer Harry R. Sherman. Teleplay Jerrold Freedman. Photography Tak Fujimoto. Music Fred Karlin. Editor John F. Link. Art Director Herman Zimmerman.

Cast Louis Gossett Jr. (Tom Haywood), Clu Gulager (Marvin Tayman), Mary Alice (Minnie Haywood), Barry Brown (Fred Tayman), Barton Heyman (George Tayman), James McEachin (Harris McIntyre), Lonny Chapman (Sheriff Harvey Johnson), Philip Michael Thomas (Rufus Cartwright), Helen Martin (Mrs. Cartwright), John Crawford (Sergeant Hunt), Burton Gilliam (Reverend Farrell), Clebert Ford (Albert Jackson), Nick Smith (Factory worker), Mary Kay Pass (Loretta Tayman), Royce Clark (Deputy Poole), John Ashton (1st State Trooper), Joe Morton (Louis), Jerry De Wilde (Greenspan), Andrew Fradkin (Burton), Sheila Bailey (Registrar), Robert Harper (Well-dressed man), Sonny Jim Gaines (Mr. Smith), Patricia A. Gill (Mrs. Hattie Waters), Evelyn Boone (Marvin Tayman’s secretary).

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