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Thursday's Game

bob evers director dick

(ABC, 4/14/1974, 120 mins). A delightful adult comedy with a stellar cast headed by Gene Wilder and Bob Newhart, dealing with the marital and business problems of a couple of middle-aged men who continue their night out with the boys even after the breakup of their Thursday evening poker game. Made in 1971 as a theatrical release, it was shelved for several years before eventually being given a television premiere.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Robert Moore. Producer James L. Brooks. Teleplay James L. Brooks. Photography Joseph Biroc. Music Billy Goldenberg. Song “This Is What You Call Happy” by Billy Goldenberg, Dory Previn. Song performed by Mike Settle. Editors Diane Adler, Fredric Steinkamp. Art Director, Trevor Williams Associate Producer Lew Gallo.

Cast Gene Wilder (Harry Evers), Bob Newhart (Marvin Ellison), Ellen Burstyn (Lynne Evers), Cloris Leachman (Lois Ellison), Martha Scott (Mrs. Reynolds), Nancy Walker (Miss Bender), Valerie Harper (Ann Menzente), Rob Reiner (Joel Forester), Norman Fell (Melvin Leonard), Gino Conforti (Mike), Richard Schaal (Bob), Robert Sampson (Dave), Dick Gautier (Dick), Gerald Michenaud (David Evers), John Archer (Mr. Wood), Jonathan Kidd (Waiter), Barbara Barnett (Secretary), Jed Allan (Dick), William Callaway (Cabbie), Sidney Clute (Camp director), Chris Sarandon (Counselor), Charles Shull (Announcer), Carol Worthington (Contestant), Ric Mancini (Bartender).

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