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The Time Machine

john james director editor

(NBC, 11/5/1978, 120 mins). A “Classics Illustrated” adaptation (updated to the 1970s) of the H.G. Wells scifi classic about a scientific wizard who invents a device to transport himself back and forth in time and gets a bleak look at the future when visiting an alien civilization.

Production Companies Charles E. Sellier Productions, Schick Sunn Classics. Director Henning Schellerup. Executive Producers Charles Sellier Jr., James L. Conway. Producer James Simmons. Teleplay Wallace Bennett. Based on the Novel by H.G. Wells. Photography Stephen W. Gray. Music John Cacavas. Supervising Editor James D. Wells. Editor Trevor Jolley. Art Director Paul Staheli.

Cast John Beck (Neil Perry), Priscilla Barnes (Weena), Andrew Duggan (Bean Worthington), Rosemary DeCamp (Agnes), Jack Kruschen (John Bedford), Whit Bissell (Ralph Branly), John Hansen (Ariel), R.G. Armstrong (General Harris), John Doucette (Sheriff Finley), Parley Baer (Henry Haverson), Bill Zuckert (Charlie), Peg Stewart, John Zaremba, Hyde Clayton, Craig Clyde, Scott D. Curan, Debbie Dutson, Buck Flower, Paul Grace, Tom Kelly, Maurice Grandmaison, Julie Parrish, Walt Price, H.E.D. Redford, Michael Ruud, Scott Wilkinson, James Lyle Strong, Kerry Summers.

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