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Time Travelers

irwin allen cure henderson

(ABC, 3/19/1976, 90 mins). A pilot movie in which Irwin Allen, recycling his earlier hit series “The Time Tunnel,” has a young doctor and a research scientist, in search of a cure for a deadly epidemic, being whisked back through time to Chicago in 1871 on the eve of the infamous fire, hoping to find the physician who then had stumbled on a cure but whose records were destroyed in the conflagration. Footage from Twentieth Century-Fox’s spectacular “In Old Chicago” (1938) was incorporated into this movie, tinted in sepia to re-create the fire sequences.

Production Companies Irwin Allen Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Alexander Singer. Producer Irwin Allen. Teleplay Jackson Gillis. Based on a Story by Irwin Allen, Rod Serling. Photography Fred Jackman. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Bill Brame. Art Director Eugene Lourie.

Cast Sam Groom (Dr. Clint Earnshaw), Tom Hallick (Jeff Adams), Richard Basehart (Dr. Joshua P. Henderson), Trish Stewart (Jane Henderson), Francine York (Dr. Helen Sanders), Booth Colman (Dr. Cummings), Walter Burke (Dr. Stafford), Dort Clark (Sharkey), Kathleen Bracken (Irish girl), Victoria Meyerink (Betty), Baynes Barron (Chief Williams), Albert Cole (Newsvendor), Richard Webb (Police sergeant), Patrick Culliton (Jim Younger), Jon Cedar (Pegleg), Gil Lamb (Hansome cabbie), Ed Ness (Hospital attendant), Rita Lupino (Prostitute).

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