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Tom Sawyer

thatcher bernardo production mark

(CBS, 3/23/1973, 90 mins). This Mark Twain classic, a film perennial, retells the familiar tale of several young friends on an adventurous summer in the sleepy Mississippi River town of Hannibal, Missouri. A theatrical Tom Sawyer, musicalized, also was released in 1973, some weeks after the TV version which, technically, was a remake of the 1938 movie (before that, it had been filmed in 1917 and 1930).

Production Companies Hal Roach Studios, Universal Television. Director James Neilson. Producers Earl A. Glick, Trevor Wallace. Teleplay Jean Holloway. Based on the Novel by Mark Twain. Photography Fred Mandl. Music Hal Mooney. Editor Jack McSweeney. Production Designer Trevor Wallace.

Cast Josh Albee (Tom Sawyer), Jeff Tyler (Huckleberry Finn), Buddy Ebsen (Muff Potter), Jane Wyatt (Aunt Polly), Vic Morrow (Injun Joe), John McGiver (Judge Thatcher), Karen Pearson (Becky Thatcher), Sue Petrie (Mary Sawyer), Scott Fisher (Sid Sawyer), Chris Wiggins (Lawyer), Murray Westgate (Coroner), Dawn Greenhalgh (Mrs. Thatcher), Leonard Bernardo, Gwen Thomas, Robert Goodier, David Yorstan, Kay Hawtrey, Al Bernardo, Colin Fox, Scott Carlson, Ricky O’Neill, Chris Pellett, Susan Stacey, Alysia Pascaris, Leo Leyden, Peter Mews.

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