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david robert series musante

ABC, 3/21/1973, 90 mins). Based on the exploits of David Toma, real-life Newark, New Jersey plainclothes detective with a talent for disguises, this pilot to the subsequent series (1973-74) has the independent minded cop bucking his superiors to stalk the leader of a syndicate’s numbers racket. Tony Musante, Simon Oakland and Susan Strasberg had the same roles in the series which lasted only one season because Musante tired of it. Later, it was reworked and disguised slightly to become “Baretta,” Robert Blake’s series.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Richard T. Heffron. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Teleplay Edward Hume, Gerald DiPego. Photography Vilis Lapenieks. Music Pete Rugolo. Editor Gloryette Clark, John J. Dumas.

Cast Tony Musante (David Toma), Simon Oakland (Inspector Spooner), Susan Strasberg (Patty Toma), Michael Baseleon (Tully), Robert Yuro (Frank Barber), David Spielberg (Marlowe), Ron Soule (Harrison), Nicholas Colasanto (Prolaci), Abe Vigoda (Donzer), Philip Michael Thomas (Sam Hooper), David Mauro (Bags Rolland), David Toma (Vinnie Cecca), Robert Phillips (Andretti), Jim Toma (Sean Manning), Donna Toma (Michelle Livingston), Eugene Mazzola (Mark).

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