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Too Far to Go

maple age john margaret

(NBC, 3/12/1979, 120 mins). An incisive study of the dissolution of a 20 year marriage, from 17 John Updike stories that were published in The New Yorker beginning in 1956 and later in Harper’s , The Atlantic Monthly , Playboy , and others. Glenn Close, in an early TV role, was billed below the title.

Production Companies Sea Cliff Productions, Polytel Films Ltd. Director Fielder Cook. Executive Producer Robert Geller. Producer Chiz Schultz. Teleplay William Hanley. Based on the Story by John Updike. Photography Walter Lassally. Music Elizabeth Swados. Editor Eric Albertson. Art Director Leon Munier. Associate Producer David Kappes.

Cast Michael Moriarty (Richard Maple), Blythe Danner (Joan Barlow Maple), Glenn Close (Rebecca Kuehn), Ken Kercheval (Jack Dennis), Josef Sommer (Henry Mills), Kathryn Walker (Marion Sales), Doran Clark (Judith Maple at age 19), Lori Loughlin (Judith Maple at age 14), Tim Holcomb (Richie Maple at age 17), Mark Moring (Richie Maple at age 12), Adam Storke (John Maple at age 15), Jason Scott (John Maple at age 10), Margaret Schultz (Margaret “Bean” Maple at age 13), Patti Dawson (Margaret “Bean” Maple at age 8), Thomas Hill (Psychiatrist), Alice Beardsley (Records clerk), Mitch McGuire (Attorney), Paul Milikin (Attorney), John C. Becher (Judge), Reed Birney (Young driver), John Buckwalter (Minister), Anne Martin (Girlfriend), Robert Geller (Man at pool).

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