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Torn Between Two Lovers

conti director song silverton

(CBS, 5/2/1979, 120 mins). A women’s picture, dealing with a happily married suburbanite who becomes romantically attached to a handsome architect she meets at Chicago’s airport. Its distinction comes from Lee Remick’s presence and her reteaming with director Delbert Mann with whom she worked a similar magic on “Breaking Up” (1978) as well as “A Girl Named Sooner” (1975). The title was inspired by Peter Yarrow’s hit song.

Production Company Alan Landsburg Productions. Director Delbert Mann. Executive Producer Tom Kuhn. Producers Linda Otto, Joan Barnett. Teleplay Doris Silverton. Based on a Story by Doris Silverton, Rita Lakin. From the song “Torn Between Two Lovers” by Peter Yarrow, Philip Jarrell. Photography Ronald M Lautore. Music Ian Fraser. Song performed by Mary MacGregor. Editor Gene Milford, Lloyd Nelson. Art Director David Jaquest. Associate Producer Gary Credle.

Cast Lee Remick (Diane Conti), Joseph Bologna (Ted Conti), George Peppard (Paul Rasmussen), Derrick Jones (Andy Conti), Murphy Cross (Nina Dworski), Molly Cheek (Sherry Sanders), Giorgio Tozzi (Joseph Conti), Kay Hawtrey (Anna Conti), Martin Shakar (Frank Conti), Andrea Martin (Steffie Conti), Mary Long (Penny), Lois Markle (Norma Conti), Tom Harvey (Leonard Shaeffer), Jess Osuna (Alex Conti), Sean McCann (Doctor), David Hughes (Dennis Polsky), Rocco Bellusci (Benny), Murray Westgate (Jack DeWitt).

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