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The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal

levin landsburg alan kirshner

(NBC, 1/30/1979, 120 mins). A dramatic retelling of the 1911 holocaust in which 146 workers died in New York’s garment district and ultimately laid the groundwork for the establishment of the ILGWU. The real-life catastrophe took a mere 11 minutes; the movie, with its soap opera plots and assorted inaccuracies (like several key references by some of the ladies to the popularity of Charlie Chaplin, who, at the time, was totally unknown and did not make his first American movie until three years later), took two agonizing hours to unreel. Three technical Emmy Award nominations went to “The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal,” which won in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.

Production Companies Alan Landsburg Productions, Don Kirshner Productions. Director Mel Stuart. Executive Producers Alan Landsburg, Don Kirshner, Merrill Grant. Producer Paul Freeman. Teleplay Ethel Brez, Mel Brez. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Walter Scharf. Editor Corky Ehlers. Production Designer Alan Manser. Associate Producer Gary Credle.

Cast Tom Bosley (Morris Feldman), David Dukes (Lou Ribin), Tovah Feldshuh (Florence), Lauren Frost (Sonya Levin), Janet Margolin (Rose), Stacey Nelkin (Gina), Ted Wass (Vinnie), Stephanie Zimbalist (Connie), Charlotte Rae (Bessie), Erica Yohn (Mrs. Levin), Milton Selzer (Mr. Levin), Michael Mullins (Max Levin), Jerome Guardino (Mr. Roselli), Valerie Landsburg (Loretta), Larry Gelman (Mo Pincus), Lin Shaye (Frieda), Judith-Marie Bergan (Edith), Bart Burns (Fire Chief), Sean Thomas Roche (Teacher), Olivia Barash (Ruthie), Rhoda Gemignani (Mary Grasso), Eric Mason (Miller), Milt Oberman (Mr. Klein), Dave Shelley (Mr. Albertson), Wil Albert (Mr. Himmelfarb), Lilah McCarthy (Hysterical woman), Scott Mulhern (Young Man), John O’Connell (Felix), Constance Pfeiffer (Selma), Bill Sorrells (Fireman Bill), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Goldstein), Pamela Toll (Girl), Ron Vernan (Cutter), Patrick Wright (Policeman Rafferty).

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