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Trouble Comes to Town

speare joseph producer bridges

(ABC, 1/10/1973, 90 mins). A racial drama involving a liberal Southern sheriff (Lloyd Bridges) who brings into his home a Northern black delinquent, the son of the man who had saved his life in Korea.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Daniel Petrie. Producer Everett Chambers. Teleplay David Westheimer. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music Tom Scott. Song “Good Morning World” by Cheryl Dilcher. Song performed by Paul Williams. Choreography Miriam Nelson. Editor James Mitchell. Art Director Joseph R. Jennings. Associate Producer Richard M. Rosenbloom.

Cast Lloyd Bridges (Sheriff Porter Murdock), Pat Hingle (Cecil Tabor), Hari Rhodes (Horace Speare), Janet MacLachlan (Naomi Speare), Sheree North (Mrs. Murdock), Thomas Evans (Stacy Garrett), Joseph Bottoms (Billy Keith), Damon Douglas (Darren Fox), James Wheaton (Buchanan), Wilbur Gowdy (Bubba Speare), Bill Zuckert (DePaul), Thom Carney (Baker), Morris Buchanan (Stillman), Victor Izay (Fogel), Betty Keeney (Nurse), Rayburn Key (Gas station customer), Austin Stoker (Harmon), Napoleon Whiting (Uncle Mose).

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