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True Grit (A Further Adventure)

sumner lee john stern

(ABC, 5/19/1978, 120 mins). The further adventures of Rooster Cogburn, the rascally, boozing Western hero played in “True Grit” (1969) and “Rooster Cogburn” (1975) by John Wayne, has him battling injustice in his own unorthodox way while contending with a teenage girl bent on reforming him.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Richard T. Heffron. Producer Sandor Stern. Teleplay Sandor Stern. Based on Characters Created by Charles Portis. Photography Stevan Larner. Music Earle Hagen. Editor Jerry Young. Art Director Arch Bacon.

Cast Warren Oates (Rooster Cogburn), Lisa Pelikan (Mattie Ross), Lee Meriwether (Annie Sumner), James Stephens (Joshua Sumner), Jeffrey Osterhage (Christopher Sumner), Lee H. Montgomery (Daniel Sumner), Ramon Bieri (Sheriff Ambrose), Jack Fletcher (Clerk), Parley Baer (Rollins), Lee deBroux (Skorby), Fredric Cook (Chaka), Redmond Gleeson (Harrison), Gregg Palmer (Slatter), Derrel Maury (Creed), Roger Frazier (Moses Turk), John Perak (Tom Lacy), Don Spencer (Doc Wade), Burt Douglas (Bast), Simon Tyme (Udall), Charles Burke (Hopkins), Richard McKenzie, Sue Hoffman.

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