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Truman Capote's “The Glass House”

alan fowler based gries

(CBS, 2/4/1972, 120 mins). A grim, award-winning portrait of prison life as seen through the eyes of two newcomers—an idealistic rookie guard (Clu Gulager) and a college professor up for manslaughter (Alan Alda). Tom Gries received an Emmy Award for his direction; Gene Fowler Jr. was nominated for his editing. Based on a story by Truman Capote with Wyatt Cooper. Filmed in the Utah State Prison.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director Tom Gries. Executive Producer Roger Gimbel. Producers Rick Rosenberg, Robert W. Christiansen. Teleplay Tracy Keenan Wynn. Based on a Story by Truman Capote with Wyatt Cooper. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Gene Fowler Jr.

Cast Vic Morrow (Hugo Slocum), Clu Gulager (Brian Courtland), Billy Dee Williams (Lennox Beach), Kristoffer Tabori (Allan Campbell), Dean Jagger (Warden Auerbach), Alan Alda (Jonathan Paige), Luke Askew (Bibleback), Scott Hylands (Ajax), Edward Bell (Sinclair), Tony Mancini (Steve Berino), G. Wood (Pagonis), Roy Jenson (Officer Brown), Alan Vint (Bree).

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