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Turn of the Screw

dan director curtis production

(ABC, 4/15/1974 and 4/16/1974, 2 Parts, 90 mins each, 3 hours). A thriller about a troubled English governess hired to take charge of a pair of precocious but strangely disturbing orphans beset by demons. This tape to film adaptation of Henry James’ 1898 novelette, shown in two parts originally, is occult director Dan Curtis’ version of the horror perennial, frequently staged during TV’s golden age of drama (Ingrid Bergman had made her American TV acting debut in the 1959 production) and filmed as “The Innocents” in 1961 with Deborah Kerr.

Production Company Dan Curtis Productions. Director Dan Curtis. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay William F. Nolan. Based on the Novel by Henry James. Photography Ben Colman. Music Bob Cobert. Editor Dennis Virkler. Art Director Trevor Williams.

Cast Lynn Redgrave (Jane Cubberly), Jasper Jacob (Miles), Eva Griffith (Flora), Megs Jenkins (Mrs. Grose), John Barton (Mr. Fredericks), Anthony Langdon (Luke), Benedict Taylor (Timothy), James Laurenson (Peter Quint), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Miss Jessel).

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