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The Turning Point of Jim Malloy

john frank evans o’hara’s

(NBC, 4/12/1975, 90 mins). Life in John O’Hara’s small Pennsylvania town of Gibbsville with the son of the town doctor returning home after being kicked out of Yale and finding a new career on the town’s newspaper. Originally it was called “John O’Hara’s Gibbsville,” which became the title for the short-lived (late 1976) series that starred John Savage and Gig Young. Based on O’Hara’s 1935 story “The Doctor’s Son.”

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Frank Gilroy. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producers James H. Brown, Peter Katz. Teleplay Frank Gilroy. Based on a Story by John O’Hara. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Johnny Mandel. Editor Ken Zemke. Art Directors John Beckman, Ross Bellah.

Cast John Savage (Jim Malloy), Biff McGuire (Dr. Mike Malloy), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Malloy), Gig Young (Ray Whitehead), Kathleen Quinlan (Edith Evans), Janis Paige (Lonnie), Allan Miller (Dr. Enright), Frank Campanella (Lintzie), Rosalind Miles (Bo-Peep), John McLiam (Mr. Kelly), Janis Hansen (Terry), Sarah Cunningham (Mrs. Ingram), Noah Keen (Mr. Evans), Dolores Dorn (Mrs. Evans), John Hoyt (Harry Longden), Robert Ginty (Arthur Pond), Wallace Rooney (Mr. Winfield), Ivor Francis (Mr. Pell), Byron Morrow (A.J. Conrad), John Durren (Officer Dorelli).

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