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Twin Detectives

robert hager billy producer

(ABC, 5/1/1976, 90 mins). Identical twin detectives use their look alike images to appear to be in two places at the same time in an attempt to expose a psychic con group, but become involved in a deadly game when a beautiful medium turns up murdered. This unsuccessful pilot for a series with The Hager Twins, country singers who were regulars on TV’s “Hee Haw,” marked the somewhat unlikely TV movie debut for veteran actress Lillian Gish, whose lengthy career spanned the entire history of motion pictures to that time.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, Worldvision Enterprises. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Everett Chambers. Teleplay Robert Specht. Based on a Story by Everett Chambers, Robert Carrington, Robert Specht. Photography Earl Rath. Music Tom Scott. Songs “Spinning the Wheel” and Hard on Me” performed by The Hudson Brothers. Editor James Potter. Art Director Michael Baugh.

Cast Jim Hager (Tony Thomas), Jon Hager (Shep Thomas), LilIian Gish (Billy Jo Haskins), Patrick O’Neal (Leonard Rainier), Michael Constantine (Ben Sampson), Otis Young (Cartwright), Barbara Rhoades (Sheila Rainier), David White (Marvin Telford), Fred Beir (Dr. Hudson), Lynda Day George (Nancy Pendleton), Randi Oakes (Jennie), James Victor (Lieutenant Martinez), Frank London (Hutchins), Billy Barty (Bartender), Carmen Argenziano, Vernon Weddle, Morris Buchanan, Guy Remsen, Thom Carney, Donald W. Sharpe.

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