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The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

charles david john director

(CBS, 10/31/1979, 120 mins). A romantic Gothic drama about a modern day woman’s journey into the past for a desperate attempt to change fate and save the life of her true love, a young artist she had fallen for at the turn of the century. Based on David Williams’ 1977 novel, “Second Sight,” it initially was titled “The Double Life of Jenny Logan.”

Production Companies Joe Wizan Television Productions, Charles Fries Productions. Director Frank De Felitta. Executive Producers Joe Wizan, Ron Samuels. Producer Paul B Radin. Teleplay Frank De Felitta. Based on a Novel by David Williams. Photography Al Francis. Music Glenn Paxton. Editor John F. Schreyer. Art Director Charles M. Zacha Jr. Makeup (Linda Gray’s “Aunt Betty”) Stan Winston.

Cast Lindsay Wagner (Jennie Logan), Marc Singer (David Reynolds), Alan Feinstein (Michael Logan), Linda Gray (Elizabeth), Henry Wilcoxon (Harrington), Joan Darling (Dr. Erica Lauren), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Bates), Peter Hobbs (Old John), Constance McCashin (Beverly), Charles Thomas Murphy (Don), Allen Williams (Ed Hartley), Pat Corley (Realtor), John Hawker (Foreman), Gloria Stuart (Roberta), Robert Nadder (Minister), Layla Bias Galloway (Nurse).

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