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The Ultimate Imposter

zacha joseph parets johnson

(CBS, 5/12/1979, 120 mins). A series pilot about a secret agent who is armed with skills learned by a computer brain linkup lasting only 72 hours at a time and is sent to rescue a Russian submarine commander, a defector who has been kidnapped by an agent for another nation. Based on the book “The Capricorn Man” by William Zacha Sr.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Paul Stanley. Producer Lionel E. Siegel. Teleplay Lionel E. Siegel. Based on a Novel by William Zacha Sr. Photography Vincent A. Martinelli. Music Dana Kaproff. Editors Clay Bartels, Frederic Baratta. Art Director Lou Montejano.

Cast Joseph Hacker (Frank Monihan), Keith Andes (Eugene Danziger), Macon McCalman (Dr. Jake McKeever), Erin Gray (Beatrice Tate), Tracy Brooks Swope (Danielle Parets), John Van Dreelen (Ruben Parets), Rosalind Chao (Lai Ping), Bobby Riggs (Tennis Pro), Normann Burton (Papich), Robert Phillips (“Red” Cottle), Greg Barnett (Sergeant Williger), Thomas Bellin (Joe Maslan), Loren Berman (Dominic), Bill Capizzi (Tony), Candy Castillo (Esteban), Mark Garcia (Felipe), Graydon Gould (Carl Lathrop), Chip Johnson (Martin), Joseph Hardin (Eddie), Mike Kulcsar (Vaya Malkov), Betty Kwan (Ms. Wang), Harry Pugh (Waters), Roberto Ramirez (Waiter), Bob Thomas. (Tomas), Chuck Tamburro (Carruthers), W.T. Zacha (Weeks), Tommy Reamon (Johnson).

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