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george james bradford joseph

(CBS, 4/17/1969, 120 mins). Edward G. Robinson’s dignified performance as the aging surgeon whose heart transplant gets his protégé slapped with a lawsuit after the donor’s wife charges that her husband was allowed to die so that the young doctor could save his mentor highlights this pilot movie for the popular “Medical Center” series (1969-76). Chad Everett assumed the part originated by Richard Bradford (who virtually disappeared as Everett’s star ascended), while James Daly and Audrey Totter continued as regulars. Subsequently titled “Operation Heartbeat.”

Production Company MGM Television. Director Boris Sagal. Producer Frank Glicksman. Teleplay Al C. Ward. Photography Joseph LaShelle. Music George Romanis. Supervising Editor John Dunning. Editor Henry Batista. Art Director George W. Davis, Marvin Summerfield.

Cast Richard Bradford (Dr. Joseph Gannon), Edward G. Robinson (Dr. Lee Forestman), James Daly (Dr. Paul Lochner), Kim Stanley (Joanna Hanson), Maurice Evans (Dr. George Barger), Kevin McCarthy (Clifford Coswell), J.D. Cannon (Thomas Jarris), William Windom (Raymond Hanson), Don Quine (Tim Martin), Shelley Fabares (“Mike” Carter), James Shigeta (Chief resident), William Marshall (Dr. Harold Tawn), Audrey Totter (Eve Wilcox), Alfred Ryder (Dr. George Corlane), Robert Emhardt (Judge), Angela Cartwright (Angela), Michael Evans (Dr. Dave Falconer), Jason Wingreen (Technician), Tim O’Kelly (Johnson), Mel Carter (Intern), Christopher West (Bonnie), Herb Armstrong (Anaesthesiologist), Karen Norris (Marie), Marianne Gordon (Sylvia Barr), Evelyn Frank (Evelyn).

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