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producer francisco bochco parker

(ABC, 10/7/1979, 120 mins). Biting contemporary “Dracula” tale of a handsome millionaire with an irresistible power over women who becomes the quarry of a pair of frenzied vampire hunters in present day San Francisco. “I underestimated you two,” he tells them after being trapped by them. “You’re the best in years in centuries, in fact.”

Production Company MTM Enterprises. Director E.W. Swackhamer. Executive Producer Steven Bochco. Producer Gregory Hoblit. Teleplay Michael Kozoll, Steven Bochco. Photography Dennis Dalzell. Music Fred Karlin. Supervising Editor Christopher Nelson. Art Director James G. Hulsey. Associate Producer David Anspaugh.

Cast Jason Miller (John Rawlins), Richard Lynch (Anton Voytek), E.G. Marshall (Harry Kilcoyne), Kathryn Harrold (Leslie Rawlins), Barrie Youngfellow (Andrea Parker), Michael Tucker (Christopher Bell), Jonelle Allen (Brandy), Jessica Walter (Nicole de Camp), Adam Starr (Tommy Parker), Wendy Cutler (Iris), Scott Paulin (Father Hanley), David Hooks (Casket salesman), Brendan Dillon (Old priest), Joe Spinell (Desk captain), Byron Webster (Selby), Ray K. Gorman (Detective), Nicholas Gunn (Dance instructor), San Francisco Ballet Company.

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