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(NBC, 3/8/1971 and 3/9/1971, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). A political thriller about the mysterious disappearance of a senior presidential advisor. This first long-form TV movie, shown in two parts (actual running time minus commercials totaled three hours and ten minutes), paved the way the subsequent filmed miniseries. Both Richard Widmark, in his TV acting debut, and Robert Young, playing against character as a rascally Southern senator, received Emmy nominations. Based on the 1968 novel by Fletcher Knebel.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay Dean Riesner. Based on the Novel by Fletcher Knebel. Photography Lionel Lindon. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Robert Watts. Art Director John J. Lloyd.

Cast Richard Widmark (Pres. Paul Roudebush), Skye Aubrey (Jill Nichols), Tom Bosley (Johnny Cavanaugh), James Farentino (Gene Culligan), Larry Hagman (Jerry Frytag), Murray Hamilton (Nick McCann), Arthur Hill (Arnold Greer), Robert Hooks (Larry Storm), E.G. Marshall (Arthur Ingram), Eleanor Parker (Sue Greer), William Shatner (Dave Paulick), Robert Young (Sen. Earl Gannon), Stephen McNally (General Palfrey), Sheree North (Beverly), Robert Lipton (Loomis), Jim Davis (Captain Cooledge), Michael Strong (Descowicz), Catherine McLeod (Grace), Christine Belford (Gretchen Greer), Denny Miller (Cincom Commander), Chet Huntley (Himself), Betty White (Herself), Martin Agronsky (Himself), Herbert Kaplow (Himself), Russell Johnson (Clyde Morehouse), Herb Vigran (Joe Hotchkiss), Neil Hamilton (Merrihew), Stacy Keach Sr. (Governor Wolcott), Ilka Windish (Hester Potinari), Carleton Young (Leonard Carey), Stacy Harris (Captain Meadowcroft), Helen Kleeb (Mrs. Erdlatz), Susan Kussman (Butter Nyguard), Don Pedro Colley (Mercurio), Judy Jordan (Phyllis), Richard Dix (Dr. Winthrop), Nancy Lee Dix (Miss Rogers), Earl Ebi (Admiral Claypool), Athena Lorde (Kate McGuinness), Kevin Hagen (Matthew Silkwood), Randolph Mantooth, Russ Conway, Clark Howart, Gil Stuart, Arthur Balinger, Barry Atwater, James Hong, Larry Linville, Leo G. Morrell, Perry Ribiero, Vincent Howard, Stephen Coit, Francis DeSales, Fred Holliday, William Boyett, Dick Kleiner, Vernon Scott, Joseph Finnegan.

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