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(ABC, 4/25/1978, 120 mins). A flashy private eye in Las Vegas searches for a runaway teenage girl and runs into a murder investigation in this pilot for Robert Urich’s hit series that began in the fall of 1978.

Production Company Aaron Spelling Productions. Director Richard Lang. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer. Producer E. Duke Vincent. Teleplay Michael Mann. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Dominic Frontiere. Supervising Editor Michael S, McLean. Editors Dennis C Duckwall, Howard Kunin. Art Directors Alfeo Bocchicchio, Paul Sylos.

Cast Robert Urich (Dan Tanna), Will Sampson (Harlon Two leaf), Chick Vennera (Costigan), Michael Lerner (Nate Destefano), Elissa Leeds (Marilyn), Red Buttons (Tommy Cirko), June Allyson (Loretta Ochs), Edd Byrnes (Johnny Crystal), Scatman Crothers (Rosie), Jack Kelly (Merle Ochs), Greg Morris (Lt. George Nelson), Tony Curtis (Bernie Roth), Colby Chester (Larry Johnson), Phyllis Davis (Beatrice), Judy Landers (Angie), Diane Parkinson (Charlene), John Quade (Hugh), Naomi Stevens (Sgt. Bella Archer), Catherine Hickland (Julie), Jason Wingreen (Hank Adamek), Ned Glass (Charlie), Bart Braverman (Binzer), Johnnie Collins II, Jeannie Wilson, Al Stephens Scaglione, Janis Hansen.

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