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A Very Missing Person

withers director producer “hildegarde

(ABC, 3/4/1972, 90 mins). An ex schoolmarm turns detective when police ask for her aid in finding a missing heiress in this pilot project to bring to TV the Hildegarde Withers character, as portrayed by Eve Arden, popularized in films in the 1930s by Edna May Oliver. Adapted from the 1969 Stuart Palmer/Fletcher Flora novel “Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene.” Originally titled “Hildegarde Withers.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director Russ Mayberry. Executive Producer Richard Irving. Producer Edward J. Montagne. Teleplay Philip H. Reisman Jr. Based on a Novel by Stuart Palmer, Fletcher Flora. Photography William Margulies. Music Vic Mizzy. Editor Richard M. Sprague. Art Director William H. Tuntke. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Eve Arden (Hildegarde Withers), James Gregory (Oscar Piper), Julie Newmar (Aletha Westering), Ray Danton (Captain Westering), Skye Aubrey (Sister Isobel/Leonore Gregory), Dennis Wayne Rucker (Al Fister), Robert Easton (Onofre), Woodrow Parfrey (Eberhardt), Bob Hastings (James Malloy), Pat Morita (Delmar Faulkenstein), Ezra Stone (Judge), Linda Gillin (Bernadine Toller), Dwan Smith (Ora), Peter Morrison Jacobs (Dr. Singer), Savannah Bentley (Mrs. Singer), Udana Power (Mariette).

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