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Victory at Entebbe

david vilnofsky production harris

(ABC, 12/13/1976, 180 mins). The first of two dramatic re-creations of the July 4, 1976 Israeli lightning raid on the airport at Entebbe, Uganda, to rescue a planeload of hostages who had been taken by Palestinian hijackers. Rushed into release in a three hour timeslot, this was shown initially on videotape and later converted to film for theatrical showings outside of the United States. Ernest Kinoy received an Emmy Award nomination for his teleplay. Julius Harris, as Idi Amin, replaced Godfrey Cambridge, who died during production.

Production Company David L. Wolper Productions. Director Marvin J Chomsky. Executive Producer David L. Wolper. Producer Robert Guenette. Teleplay Ernest Kinoy. Photography James Kilgore. Music Charles Fox. Supervising Editor David Saxon. Editors Jim McElroy, Mike Gavaldon. Production Designer Edward Stephenson. Associate Producer Albert J. Simon. Special Effects Joe Unsinn.

Cast Helmut Berger (German Terrorist), Theodore Bikel (Yakov Shlomo), Linda Blair (Chana Vilnofsky), Kirk Douglas (Hershel Vilnofsky), Richard Dreyfuss (Col. Yonatan “Yonni”), Stefan Gierasch (Mordecai Gur), David Groh (Benjamin Wise), Julius Harris (President Idi Amin), Helen Hayes (Mrs. Wise), Anthony Hopkins (Yitzhak Rabin), Burt Lancaster (Shimon Peres), Christian Marquand (Captain Dukas), Elizabeth Taylor (Edra Vilnofsky), Jessica Walter (Nomi Haroun), Harris Yulin (Gen. Dan Shomron), Allan Miller (Natan Haroun), Bibi Besch (German Woman), David Sheiner (Aaron Olav), Severn Darden (Moshe Meyer), Ben Hammer (Yaakobi), Anthony James (Gamal Fahmy), Victor Mohica (Jaif), Samantha Harper (Nan Peyser), Philip Sterling (Col. Baruch Bar-Lev), Erica Yohn (Belgian woman), Lilyan Chauvin (French nun), Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Nun’s ward), Zitto Kazann (Peruvian), Jessica St. John (Parisienne), Kristina Wayborn (Claudine), Austin Stoker (Dr. Ghota), Dimitri Logothetis (Young soldier), Jenny Maybrook (Captain Abi), Than Wyenn (Rabin’s Aide), Eunice Christopher (Israeli Intelligence worker), Pitt Herbert (Passenger), Michael Mullins (Passenger), Vera Mandell (Young mother).

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