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Walking Through the Fire

lee nurse laurel richard

(CBS, 5/15/1979, 120 mins). Bess Armstrong plays young mother who battles Hodgkin’s Disease, endangering both her own life and that of her unborn baby. Based on Laurel Lee’s 1977 chronicle of her own seemingly hopeless struggle.

Production Company Time-Life Television. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producer Stan Hough. Teleplay Sue Grafton. Based on the Autobiography by Laurel Lee. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Jerrold L. Ludwig. Art Director Paul Barnes.

Cast Bess Armstrong (Laurel Lee), Tom Mason (Richard Lee), Richard Masur (Dr. Maitland), Swoosie Kurtz (Caria), Ken Kercheval (Dr. Freeman), June Lockhart (Ruth Moore), J.D. Cannon (Dr. Goodwin), Bonnie Bedelia (Dr. Rand), Daniel Benton (Dr. Levinson), Hal Frederick (William Francis), Bobby Jacoby (Matthew Lee), Laura Jacoby (Anna Lee), Louise Hoven (Jeannie), Barbara Allen (Delia), Noel Conlon (Dr. Fowler), Michael Prince (Dr. Baker), Tanya Boyd (Nurse Gates), Betty Jinnette (Nurse Ambrose), Karen Werner (Nurse), Isabel Cooley (Nurse).

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