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The War Between the Tates

zimmerman philips nbc producer

(NBC, 6/13/1977, 120 mins). A small town college professor’s wife discovers that he is having an affair with one of his students, and he is forced to resolve a crisis in his once orderly life. Barbara Turner’s adaptation of Alison Lurie’s 1974 book won her an Emmy Award nomination.

Production Companies Talent Associates, NBC Productions. Director Lee Philips. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producer Frederick Brogger. Teleplay Barbara Turner. Based on the Novel by Alison Lurie. Photography Zale Magder. Music John Barry. Editor George Jay Nicholson. Art Director Earl Preston.

Cast Elizabeth Ashley (Erica Tate), Richard Crenna (Prof. Brian Tate), Ann Wedge worth (Danielle Zimmerman), Annette O’Toole (Wendy Dehagen), Granville Van Dusen (Sanford Finkelstein), Laura Patrick (Mathilda Tate), Shawn Cambell (Jeffrey Tate), Colin Fox (Leonard Zimmerman), Julie Philips (Roo Zimmerman), Mina Badiyi (Celia Zimmerman), Michael J. Reynolds (Chuck), Rebecca Applebaum (Girl in bookstore), Lorraine Carson (Lily), Harvey Atkin (Dr. Ben Kotelchuk).

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