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A War of Children

british tomelty soldier producer

(CBS, 12/5/1972, 90 mins). This Emmy Award-winning drama, chosen the Outstanding Program of the 1972-73 TV season, depicted two middle class Belfast families one Protestant, one Catholic that discovered themselves engulfed in the surrounding violence that turned their years of friendship to bitter hatred which ultimately filtered to the children’s lives.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director George Schaefer. Executive Producer Roger Gimbel. Producer George Schaefer. Teleplay James Costigan. Photography Chris Challis. Music Jerry Fielding. Editors Anne V. Coates, Christopher Holmes, Eric Boyd-Perkins, Fabien Tordjmann. Art Director Simon Holland. Associate Producer Paul Cameron.

Cast Vivien Merchant (Nora Tomelty), Jenny Agutter (Maureen Tomelty), John Ronane (Frank Tomelty), Danny Figgis (Donal Tomelty), Anthony Andrews (Reg Hogg), Aideen O’Kelly (Meg McCullum), David Meredith (Robbie McCullum), Lynch Patrick Dawson (Seamus Lynch), Desman Nealon (British lieutenant), Stuart Knee (British soldier), Kathleen Delaney (Mrs. Doyle), Maura Keeley (Woman in shop), Arthur O’Sullivan (Mr. Fiske), Patrick Laffan (British soldier), Connor Evans (British soldier), Paul Wilson (British soldier).

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