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Washington: Behind Closed Doors

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(ABC, 9/6/1977 to 9/11/1977, 6 Parts, 12 1/2 hrs). A lavish fictionalized retelling of the Watergate story mixing political intrigue and personal drama and centering on the rise of a power hungry U.S. president and the men with whom he surrounded himself in order to keep his grip on his office. Robert Vaughn received an Emmy Award for his performance as the president’s chief of staff, with other nominations going to the show itself as Outstanding Series, to Jason Robards for his portrayal of Pres. Richard Monckton with its overt Nixonian images, director Gary Nelson, cinematographers Joseph Biroc and Jack Swain, art directors Jack DeShields and Jamie Claytor and set decorator Barbara Kreiger. The miniseries, adapted from John Erlichman’s 1976 book “The Company,” initially ran 12 1/2 hours in six parts (the first was 2 1/2 hours).

Production Companies Paramount Network Television, Eric Bercovici Productions, David W Rintels Productions. Director Gary Nelson. Executive Producer Stan Kallis. Producer Norman S. Powell. Supervising Producer David W. Rintels, Eric Bercovici. Teleplay David W. Rintels, Eric Bercovici. Based on a Book by John Ehrlichman. Photography Jack Swain, Joseph Biroc. Music Dominic Frontiere. Music (Part 4) Richard Markowitz. Editors Arthur D. Hilton, Gerald J. Wilson, Harry Kaye. Art Directors Jack F DeShields, Jamie Claytor. Associate Producer Frank Cardea.

Cast Cliff Robertson (William Martin), Jason Robards (Pres. Richard Monckton), Stefanie Powers (Sally Whalen), Robert Vaughn (Frank Flaherty), Lois Nettleton (Linda Martin), Barry Nelson (Bob Bailey), Harold Gould (Carl Tessler), Tony Bill (Adam Gardiner), Andy Griffith (Esker Scott Anderson), John Houseman (Myron Dunn), David Selby (Roger Castle), Meg Foster (Jennie Jamison), Peter Coffield (Eli McGinn), Barry Primus (Joe Wisnovsky), Diana Ewing (Kathy Ferris), Lara Parker (Wanda Elliott), John Lehne (Tucker Tallford), Alan Oppenheimer (Simon Cappell), Nicholas Pryor (Hank Ferris), Frank Marth (Lawrence Allison), John Randolph (Bennett Lowman), Linden Chiles (Jack Atherton), George Gaynes (Brewster Perry), Thayer David (Elmer Morse), Phillip R. Allen (Walter Tulloch), Skip Homeier (Lars Haglund), Michael Anderson Jr. (Alex Coffee), Joseph Sirola (Ozymandias), Frances Lee McCain (Paula Stoner Gardiner), June Dayton (Mrs. Monckton), Jean Cameron Howell (Dorothy Kemp), Danna Hansen (Marta Anderson), Rick Gates (Bernie Tibbets), Madison Arnold (Harvey Bass), Borah Silver (Burt Saraceni), Karen Smith-Bercovici (Patti), Joseph Hacker (Jimmy Bird), Regis J. Cordic (TV Anchorman), John Kerr (Ashton), Mary LaRoche (Anne Marie Lowman), Fred Sadoff (Sid Gold), Charles Macaulay (Clifford Ryan), J. Jay Saunders (Gus), Patrick Gorman (FBI agent).

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