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When Every Day Was the Fourth of July

dan curtis cooper director

(NBC, 3/12/1978, 120 mins). Fictionalized from events during producer/director/writer Dan Curtis’ boyhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the 1930s, this sentimental drama tells of a local attorney who succumbs to the pleas of his nine year old daughter and agrees to defend on homicide charges a mute handyman the girl has befriended, thought to be the town “weirdo” after being shell-shocked during World War I. A sequel, “The Long Days of Summer,” followed two years later.

Production Company Dan Curtis Productions. Director Dan Curtis. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay Lee Hutson. Based on a Story by Dan Curtis, Lee Hutson. Photography Frank Stanley. Music Walter Scharf. Editor Ted Virkler. Art Director Jackson DeGovia.

Cast Dean Jones (Ed Cooper), Louise Sorel (Millie Cooper), Chris Peterson (Daniel Cooper), Katy Kurtzman (Sarah Cooper), Harris Yulin (Joseph T. Antonelli), Geoffrey Lewis (Albert Cavanaugh/The Snow Man), Scott Brady (Off. Mike Doyle), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Mrs. Najarian), Ben Piazza (Herman Gasser), Henry Wilcoxon (Judge Henry J. Wheeler), Eric Shea (Red Doyle), Michael Pataki (Robert Najarian), Woodrow Parfrey (Dr. Alexander Moss), H.B. Haggerty (Bartender), Moosie Drier (Howie), Scott Kimball (Scott), Tiger Williams (Skipper), Charles Aidman (Narrator), Johnny Timko, Michael Durrell, Bruce French, Gloria Calomee, Chris Charney, George Janet, John Clavin.

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