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When Hell Was in Session

denton jeremiah hal bill

(NBC, 10/8/1979, 120 mins). Harrowing dramatization of the true story of then Navy Commander Jeremiah Denton, who was shot down during a bombing mission over Vietnam in 1965, and his torture as a POW over the next seven-and-one-half years while organizing a resistance movement among his fellow prisoners. Surprisingly, Hal Holbrook was overlooked at Emmy Award time, although a nomination went to editor John Woodcock.

Production Company Aubrey-Hamner Productions. Director Paul Krasny. Executive Producers James T. Aubrey, Robert Hamner. Producer R.J. Louis. Teleplay Jake Justiz. Based on a Book by Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., Ed Brandt. Photography Robert B Hauser. Music Jimmie Haskell. Supervising Editor John M. Woodcock. Art Director Fred Price. Action Supervisor David Chow. Technical Advisor Jeremiah A. Denton Jr.

Cast Hal Holbrook (Jeremiah Denton Jr.), Eva Marie Saint (Jane Denton), Mako (Bai), Ronny Cox (Maj. Frank Perrin), Renne Jarrett (Nancy Tschudy), Richard Evans (Lt. Alec Vardis), James Hong (Nguyen), Tom Bower (Lt. Jim Norton), Stephen Keep (Lt. Bill Grainger), Byron Chung (Quoc), William Kirby Cullen (Jerry Denton), Paul Mantee (Captain Brown), Rod Browning (Ed Brandt), Rod McCary (TV host), Ric Carrott (Lieutenant Hadley), Laurence Haddon (Williams), Sab Shimono (Cao), Emily Banks (Betty Phillips), Tom Kindle (Lt. William Tschudy), David Chow (Diem), Barry Blakeley (Peterson), Kathryn Daley (Frances Parker), Walter Neihenke (Lieutenant Brain), Jerry Fujikawa (Komuro), Nicole Eggert (2nd Mary Beth Denton), Tom Martin (Gordon), Dorothy Dells (Woman shopper), Randy Shepard (Man shopper), Bill Saito (Head guard), Steve Shaw (Jim Denton), Rad Daly (Bill Denton), Hal Fishman (1st newscaster), Charles Rowe (2nd newscaster).

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