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When She Was Bad

ladd cheryl morgan jaffe

(ABC, 11/25/1979, 120 mins). In her first starring role in a made for TV movie, Cheryl Ladd is a young wife and mother whose ambitious, often absent, upwardly mobile husband leaves her unhappy and her growing loneliness leads to frustrations she takes out on her preschool daughter. This child abuse film, originally to have been called “A New Life,” was coproduced by Cheryl Ladd’s then-husband, David (son of veteran actor Alan Ladd).

Production Companies Ladd Productions, Henry Jaffe Enterprises. Director Peter H. Hunt. Producers David Ladd, Michael Jaffe. Teleplay Carmen Culver. Photography Paul Lohmann. Music Perry Botkin. Editor Frank Morriss. Art Director Kirk Axtell.

Cast Cheryl Ladd (Betina ‘Teeny’ Morgan), Robert Urich (Bob Morgan), Eileen Brennan (Mary Jensen), Dabney Coleman (Jack Wilson), Marcia Lewis (Gloria), Ramon Bieri (Dr. Gilbert), Nicole Eggert (Robbie Morgan), Roxanne Gregory (Jack’s wife), Michael Flanagan (Dr. Giles), Paul Larson (Harrison), Judy Kiern (Jan), J.P. Bumstead (Man), Julie Parrish (Nurse), Bill Stayers (Sam), Keith Jackson (Himself).

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