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The Whole World Is Watching

roy “the producer lawyers

(NBC, 3/11/1969, 120 mins). A student radical, accused of murdering a cop during a campus revolt, welcomes a court confrontation and then refuses to take the stand, despite the urging of the three high priced lawyers he has hired to represent him in this second pilot of “The Lawyers,” a rotating segment of “The Bold Ones” series. Hal Holbrook won an Emmy nomination for this performance in this one.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Richard Colla. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link. Photography E Charles Straumer. Music Pete Rugolo. Song “The Sum of One” by Lee Burch, Stephanie Dubov. Editor Robert L. Kimble. Art Director Robert Luthardt. Associate Producer Carl Pingitore, Steve Heilpern. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Burl Ives (Walter Nichols), Joseph Campanella (Brian Darrell), James Farentino (Neil Darrell), Hal Holbrook (Chancellor Graham), Steve Ihnat (Officer Platt), Stephen McNally (The Governor), Rick Ely (Gil Bennett), Dennis Olivieri (Ed Shepp), Roy Poole (Jim Church), Dana Elcar (Huston), Carrie Snodgress (Megan Baker), Eileen Wesson (Debbie), Kermit Murdock (2nd Judge), Juanita Moore (Mrs. Harbeson), Charles Brewer (Student witness), John S. Ragin (Arresting officer), Bennes Mardenn (Dr. Sloan), Stuart Nisbet (Jail guard).

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