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Wild and Wooly

producer jessica burke paul

(ABC, 2/20/1978, 120 mins). A Western adventure a “Charlie’s Angels” on horseback involving three comely females who meet in a territorial prison, engineer a daring escape, and find themselves in a race against time to prevent the assassination of Teddy Roosevelt.

Production Company Aaron Spelling Productions. Director Philip Leacock. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer. Producer Earl W. Wallace. Supervising Producer E. Duke Vincent. Teleplay Earl W. Wallace. Photography Jack Swain. Music Charles Bernstein. Supervising Editor Michael S. McLean. Editors Dennis C. Duckwall, Howard Kunin. Art Directors Allen E. Smith, Paul Sylos. Associate Producer William A. Porter. Costumes Nolan Miller.

Cast Christine DeLisle (Lacey Sommers), Susan Bigelow (Liz Hannah), Elyssa Davalos (Shiloh), Doug McClure (Delaney Burke), David Doyle (Teddy Roosevelt), Ross Martin (Otis Bergen), Vic Morrow (Warden Willis), Paul Burke (Tobias Singleton), Jessica Walter (Megan), Sherry Bain (Jessica), Charles Siebert (Sean), Med Flory (Burgie), Robert J. Wilke (Demas Scott), Kenneth Tobey (Mark Hannah), Eugene Butler (Perty), Joan Crosby (Sophie), Wayne Grace (O’Rourke), Jim Lough (McHenry), Bill Smillie (Foreman), Borah Silver (Cuoke), Marc Winters (Will), Joe Rainer (Captain Merritt), Jackie Gashen (Widow), Owen Bush (Old Man), Arthur Monde (Drunk), Stephen Blood (Sheriff).

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