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The Wild Wild West Revisited

robert jeff producer series

(CBS, 5/9/1979, 120 mins). The intrepid team of Old West government intelligence agents are brought out of retirement after 10 years to hunt down a cunning new adversary, the son of their former archenemy, who is suspected of cloning imposters to be substituted for the crowned heads of Europe and perhaps even the President of the United States. This lighthearted romp revived the popular 1965-69 Western series and reunited the show’s original stars, Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, and was the first of two movie pilots to a prospective series.

Production Company CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Burt Kennedy. Executive Producer Jay Bernstein. Producer Robert L. Jacks. Teleplay William Bowers. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Jeff Alexander. Theme song by Richard Markowitz. Editor Michael McCroskey. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Robert Conrad (James T. West), Ross Martin (Artemus Gordon), Paul Williams (Michelito Loveless Jr.), Harry Morgan (Robert T. Malone), Rene Auberjonois (Capt. Sir David Edney), Jo Ann Harris (Carmelita), Trisha Noble (Penelope), Robert Shields (Alan), Lorene Yarnell (Sonya), Jeff MacKay (Hugo Kaufman), Susan Blu (Gabrielle), Pavla Ustinov (Nadia), Wilford Brimley (Pres. Grover Cleveland), Ted Hartley (Russian Tsar), Jacquelyn Hyde (Queen Victoria), Alberto Morin (Spanish King), Skip Homeier (Joseph), Joyce Jameson (Lola), John Wheeler (Henry), Mike Wagner (Manager), Jeff J. Redford (The Kid).

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