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(NBC, 12/19/1977, 120 mins). Fact based drama of the childhood years of Wilma Rudolph, a Tennessee girl who overcame physical handicaps with her parents’ encouragement and became a champion track sprinter, winning three gold medals in the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Production Companies Cappy Productions Inc., NBC Productions. Director Bud Greenspan. Executive Producer Cappy Petrash Greenspan. Producer Bud Greenspan. Teleplay Bud Greenspan. Photography Arthur J. Ornitz. Music Irwin Bazelon. Editor William Cahn. Art Director Ned Parsons.

Cast Shirley Jo Finney (Wilma Rudolph), Cicely Tyson (Blanche Rudolph), Jason Bernard (Coach Temple), Joe Seneca (Ed Rudolph), Denzel Washington (Robert Eldridge at age 18), Charles Blackwell (Coach Gray), Norman Matlock (Doctor Gordon), Larry B. Scott (Robert Eldridge at age 12), Rejane Magloire (Wilma at age 12), Piper Carter (Wilma at age 4), Paulette Pearson (Mae Faggs), Andrea Frierson (Martha Hudson), Stacey Green (Tootie), Dury Cox (Pappy Marshall), Roger Askew (Dr. Williams), J. Franklin Taylor (Principal).

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