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Winchester '73

mcadam john dan richard

(NBC, 3/14/1967, 120 mins). In the remake of the 1950 James Stewart Western of the same title, brother opposes brother ex con against law officer for possession of the famed repeating rifle, and a long chase begins. Interestingly, Dan Duryea appeared in both versions; a bad guy doing nasty things to James Stewart in the original, the good guy cousin to the protagonists in the telefeature. Veteran actress Joan Blondell made her TV movie debut here as a boisterous saloon keeper.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Herschel Daugherty. Producer Richard E. Lyons. Teleplay Richard Adams, Stephen Kandel. Based on the Screenplay by Borden Chase, Robert L. Richards. Photography Bud Thackery. Music Sol Kaplan. Editor Richard G. Wray. Art Director Frank Arrigo.

Cast Tom Tryon (Lin McAdam), John Saxon (Dakin McAdam), Dan Duryea (Bart McAdam), John Drew Barrymore (The Preacher), Joan Blondell (Larouge), John Dehner (High-Spade Johnny Dean), Barbara Luna (Meriden), Paul Fix (Ben McAdam), David Pritchard (Dan McAdam), John Doucette (Jake Starret), Jack Lambert (Scots), John Hoyt (Sunrider), Jan Arvan, Robert Bice, Ned Romero, George Keymas.

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