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The Winds of Kitty Hawk

wright charles john producer

(NBC, 12/17/1978, 120 mins). The Wright Brothers’ story and their efforts to fly, stunningly filmed and first shown on the 75th anniversary of their historic flight. Cinematographer Dennis Dalzell and editor John A. Martinelli received Emmy Award nominations for their work, but the project won in only one category: Film Sound Mixing.

Production Company Charles Fries Productions. Director E.W. Swackhamer. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Lawrence Schiller. Teleplay Jeb Rosebrook, William Kelley. Photography Dennis Dalzell. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor John A. Martinelli. Art Director Sidney Z. Litwack. Associate Producer Tony Ganz. Flying Sequences and Montage Lawrence Schiller.

Cast Michael Moriarty (Wilbur Wright), David Huffman (Orville Wright), Tom Bower (William Tate), Robin Gammell (H.A. Toumlin), Scott Hylands (Glenn Curtiss), John Randolph (Alexander Graham Bell), Kathryn Walker (Kate Wright), Eugene Roche (Bishop Milton Wright), John Hoyt (Prof. Samuel Langley), Ari Zeltzer (Tom Tate), Lew Brown (Harlan Mumford), Carol Tru Foster (Agnes Osborne), Mo Malone (Elizabeth Mayfield), Dabbs Greer (Ace Hutchin), Ross Durfee (William Howard Taft), Robert Casper (Man), Frank Farmer (Newell), Laurence Haddon (1st general), Tom Lawrence (Doctor), Charles Macaulay (2nd general), Steffen Zacharias (Fisherman), Vaughn Armstrong (Reporter), Joseph Bernard (Mayor of New York).

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