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Winner Take All

anderson producer alice gerald

(NBC, 3/3/1975, 120 mins). Shirley Jones plays a woman whose compulsion to gamble threatens to ruin her marriage especially after losing $30,000 of her husband’s savings. Originally this film was entitled “Time Lock.”

Production Companies The Jozak Company, NBC Productions. Director Paul Bogart. Executive Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Producer Nancy Malone. Teleplay Caryl Ledner. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music David Shire. Editor Folmar Blangsted. Associate Producer Gerald W. Abrams.

Cast Shirley Jones (Eleanor Anderson), Laurence Luckinbill (Bill Anderson), Sam Groom (Rick Santos), Joyce Van Patten (Edie Gould), Joan Blondell (Beverly Craig), Sylvia Sidney (Anne Barclay), John Carter (Leonard Fields), Lori Busk (Stacy Anderson), Wynn Irwin (Arnie), Al Lettieri (Man at track), Carmen Zapata (Sara), Jason Wingreen (Jerry), Parley Baer (Bob), Joseph Hacker, Alex Nicol, Alice Backes, Michael Thoma, Chris West, Sue Taylor, Edward Marshall, Roger Etienne, Dick Silver, Rita Guerrero, Mark Bailey, J. Edward McKinley, Alice Frost, Faye Nuell, Nicky Blair, Pearl Shear, Michael Harrah, Alex Hakobian.

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