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Winter Kill

producer andy griffith john

(ABC, 4/15/1974, 120 mins). The sheriff of a ski resort town is challenged by a murderer who leaves spray painted messages next to his victims. This was a pilot film for a proposed Andy Griffith series that failed to materialize, although several hour long attempts later turned up with the star doggedly trying to make the concept (slightly altered) a viable prospect.

Production Companies MGM Television, Andy Griffith Enterprises. Director Jud Taylor. Executive Producer Richard O. Linke. Producer Burt Nodella. Teleplay John Michael Hayes. Based on a Story by David Karp. Photography Frank Stanley. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Henry Berman. Art Director Albert Brenner. Associate Producer Alan Godfrey.

Cast Andy Griffith (Sheriff Sam McNeil), John Larch (Dr. Bill Hammond), Tim O’Connor (Bill Carter), Lawrence Pressman (Peter Lockhard), Eugene Roche (Mayor Clinton Bickford), Charles Tyner (Charley Eastman), Joyce Van Patten (Grace Lockhard), Sheree North (Betty), John Calvin (Deputy Jerry Troy), Louise Latham (Doris), Robert F. Simon (Harvey), Elayne Heilveil (Cynthia Howe), Nick Nolte (Dave Michaels), Ruth McDevitt (Mildred Young), Walter Brooke (Ben), Devra Korwin (Elaine Carter), David Frankham (Reverend Phillips), Vaughn Taylor (Frank).

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